Kyoto Koka Women's University


Kyoto Koka Women’s University, Graduate School

Deepen the Sprit of Research and
Acquire Advanced Specialized Knowledge and a Wider Vision

Society now demands human resources who have deep intellectual curiosity and advanced specialized knowledge. By strictly limiting student enrollment, the Kyoto Koka Women’s University, Graduate School provides students with carefully tailored guidance and research opportunities.

Graduate School of Nursing Science(Masters' Course)

  • Master's Program in Nursing

Graduate School of Psychology(Masters' Course)

  • Master's Program in Clinical Psychology

Founded in 1998/ President:

  • Shigeru Takami 

Number of students:

  • Depertment of Nursing…5
  • Clinical Psychology…10

Graduate School of Nursing Science(Master's Program in Nursing)

Master's Program in Nursing

Master's Program in Nursing Course [Graduate school designated for fostering Nursing Science (Class 1)]

We aim to train advanced nurses, educators and researchers who can contribute to advance the development of the science of nursing which is a practical science through research verification of nursing practices.

This graduate school is not only for newly graduated college and universal students but is also committed to further education for mid-career nurses. The school develops “nurses who can think flexibly and act from an interdisciplinary perspective in a global and diversified society,” “nursing practitioners who acquire highly specialized knowledge and skills, execute proper judgement and offer qualified research skills” and “nurses who can achieve management functions in team medical services and regional cooperative care.”

Graduate School of Psychology(Masters' Course)

Master's Program in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology Course [Graduate school designated for fostering clinical psychologists (Class 1)]

The program aims to train students to develop the ability to think for themselves as specialists in psychological matters by acquiring practical skills that will enable them to respond appropriately to people with psychological disorders in a variety of contexts. Many classes are offered to give students access to different faculty members, which expands students' perspective and raises their awareness of important issues. A robust practical training system is also in place, made possible by the cooperation of Koka Women's University counseling center and outside institutions. A master’s degree in phycology will be granted to students who have been enrolled in the program for at least 2 years and who have successfully completed their dissertation interview and final exam.


Qualifications Attainable Upon Graduation
  • Clinical Psychologist (eligible for examination) / Teaching License (public/high school teaching license)*
  • *Obtaining the high school teaching license class-1 (public) is required.

Master's Degree

  • * Students enrolled in the Master's program in the Graduate Department of the Faculty of Human Relations for more than two years, who acquire the required units and who pass their thesis review and final exam, will be conferred a Master's degree in Psychology.