Kyoto Koka Women's University


Kyoto Koka Women’s University, Junior College

Enrich Culture and Acquire Various Qualifications

The College has the departments shown below. With the fine-tuned support system and curriculum for supporting students to acquire numerous qualifications for being active in society, the departments promise that each student can realize her dream.

  • Department of Contemporary Life Design

Founded in 1950/ President:

  • Shigeru Takami

Number of students:

  • Department of Contemporary Life Design…100

Department of Contemporary Life Design

This program is a two-stage curriculum that consists of core required classes in which students learn the professionalism and life design standards needed to realize their futures. In addition to the core classes, students can chose classes from eight specialized fields in which they learn life design professional skills to raise their job hunting ability, so as to become top-level employees at their companies or organizations. Moreover, our students learn to be capable professionals through hands-on training including presentations about the department at various events and by planning real couples’ weddings—activities through which students obtain business skills and manners, as well as communication skills.

[Authorization as a Community Studies Department]
This is a new type of science that responds flexibly to the various needs of regional areas and is authorized by the Japan Association for College Accreditation as “Community Studies.”

Qualifications Attainable Upon Graduation

TOEIC® / Medical Clerk / Medical Office Assistant (Doctor's Clerk) (eligible for examination) / Certification as a Dispensing Fee Invoice Clerk (eligible for examination) / Assistant Bridal Coordinator (ABC) Certification (eligible for examination)

Business Professional / Interior Coordinator / Presentation Professional, etc.